Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity is looking for help…

Breakthrough Breast Cancer needs YOUR SUPPORT! They are joining forces with the Marks and Spencer post-surgery team to look at post-surgery bras and swimwear and they need your opinion. Do you have a personal experience with breast cancer, and have undergone surgery? Will you give your views on M&S post-surgery bras and swimwear? Do you live around the Edinburgh area? Are you available to attend a focus group at the Princess Street M&S store on Friday 4 July @ 11am?

If the answer to these questions is yes, please get in touch ASAP  with Rachael McCaffrey on 020 7025 0273 or  . They are looking forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity is looking for help…

  1. Hi, Unfortunately I’m not available on the morning of the 4th but would have loved to attend. I model at Breast Cancer Care lingerie evenings and have been fitted by many stores (I wear a prothesis). Unfortunately I haven’t found M&S to be very good in relation to fitting. Also their bras are very flimsy and not really suitable for ladies who wear a prosthesis.

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