Walking Group – Outdoor Fitness Initiative

Michael Smith, our personal trainer from Personal Best UK ( http://www.personalbestuk.com/) is running a Walking Group, which is a mixed group of cancer patients & survivors and the general public.

The class is normally charged at £3.50 per evening, but if you are a patient / survivor, Bosom Buds will fund your place in this group.

The group is great for mixing and socialising, getting outdoors and improving fitness.

Details of the group are as follows:

Location : Simpsons Primary School, Wester Inch Village, Bathgate

Date: Monday Evenings

Time:  7.30 – 8.15pm

Cost: £3.50  (Free to cancer patients & survivors)

For more information contact:

michael@personalbestuk.com / 07546 356 748 / http://www.personalbestuk.com/

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