Sally’s January Challenge for the Power of Kate

Sally Mcquade, a friend of Bosom Buds is challenging herself to 31 hot yoga classes in 31 days + giving up alcohol for Bosom Buds of Scotland because the strength of one special woman inspired her.

Here’s what she had to say about doing the challenge –

“I have a best friend, who has a best friend suffering from cancer. She has made an impact on my life as well as many others close to her on this difficult journey. Kate has recently had her 30th birthday and helped me celebrate mine earlier this year which created a thought process on how at the age of 30 our lives were so different not through choice. 30 years is not a long time really and if this incredible woman can go through so much in this short time then I can have the will power to put myself through a month of small challenges to raise awareness for this charity.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good party so giving up alcohol for a month was laughable to some of my closest friends! Therefore this seemed like the perfect challenge along with 31 classes of hot yoga in 31 days meaning if I miss a day I must do 2 the next. This is something I’m so dedicated to proving I can achieve that my £500 target,although seeming a lot, I’m certain I will get there with people knowing how hard this will be for me to do!!

So wish me luck and let the fundraising begin!

In the name of love, friendship and life


Big thanks and good luck to Sally.

If anyone would like to sponsor her, you can do so through the following link – Sally’s Just giving Page


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