Free Online Breast Awareness Training Course

Breast Cancer Care Scotland launched its B-Aware programme of activities in March this year.  B-Aware is a high profile campaign aimed at promoting early detection of breast cancer in targeted communities and improving survival rates across the country.

This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in Breast Cancer Care’s first online course.  If successfully evaluated and found to be useful, it will be used for the development of further courses to fit around specified learning needs.

The course should take no more than 2 hours to complete, usually much quicker, and there will be the option to return to your learning as frequently as required.  The course is suitable for Scottish healthcare professionals and community workers.  The course is not suitable for the general public.

Breast Cancer Care would very much welcome you to participate with the free training which is available from 17 November and is open until 31 March 2015.  To participate you must register your interest here:

To access the training you are required to complete the above online registration.  You will subsequently be sent the log in details to access the full course.  Please register now in anticipation of the training being freely available.

Please support Breast Cancer care by being involved in the new pilot learning and develop your understanding and confidence in being breast aware.

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