Cala Homes Team – Ben Nevis Charity Challenge raises £7,687

On Saturday 7th June, Andy Murray and 3 of his friends from Cala Homes;  Graham, Billy and Kenny, headed off to the Highlands to tackle the Ben Nevis Charity Challenge. They took on the UK’s highest peak, cycling 25 miles and canoeing Loch Lochy, all in the name of charity.

They came a very good  46th out of 112 teams participating.  5 Teams did nothing other than climb Ben Nevis and a further 26 teams did not complete all the events!!!

They took 7 Hours 20 minutes to get up and down Ben Nevis and that included Billy fighting off a nurse who insisted he was about to go into shock after he fell on the path on the way down, then took 1 Hour 32 minutes for the first part of the cycle,  which included Graham falling off his bike as he forgot that he was wearing pedal cleats… and then being abused by a random motorist, and a further 18 Minutes for the Canoeing, and finally 56 minutes for the 2nd part of the Cycling.

Including changes our total time was 10 hours and 36 minutes.

They raised an astounding £7,687 (with gift aid), almost 4 times their target of £2k. Below are some pictures from the challenge:

cala team cycling Cala Team on Ben Nevis Team Cala

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