NEW *Breast Cancer Care – ‘Moving Forward’ Course*

Breast cancer care ‘moving forward’ course is set to take place at Howden Park Centre.

The course commences on Thursday 16th Jan at 2pm till five pm, and runs for four weeks on Thursday afternoons.

The course layout is as follows: 

Week 1 – Treatment of breast cancer and physical activity following treatments -Mr Barber and Michael Smith

Week 2 –  Breast awareness after diagnosis – breast care nurse

Week 3  – Managing long term side effects and sex & intimacy after treatment – breast care nurse and Hilary Rodgers

Week 4  – Adjusting and adapting after diagnosis and moving forward your goals – psychologist

For more information or to book a place, Call Breast Cancer Care on 0141 3538330. The course is open to anyone following treatment of breast cancer who has not previously attended. Commitment to attend the four weeks is necessary. The next course is set to run in June. 

Alternatively, call Breast Care Nurses on 01506 524047 for more details.


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