*Forth Rail Bridge Abseil*

Dear All,

We are now looking for participants for The Forth Rail Bridge Abseil. There is a registration fee of £70 per person, which must be paid upfront (can later be taken off the sponsor money).  Please note that Bosom Buds cannot afford to pay this upfront fee for you.
I need to book the places in blocks of 5, and the charity cannot book your place until you have paid the £70 abseil fee (per person).
To pay this fee, please log on to our ‘just giving’ page and pay there, and then send me an e-mail to confirm you have just paid & to confirm if you would like to take part in the May or October abseil. Once we have 5 payments made for one of the dates, we’ll book those places and e-mail you to let you know your place is booked. We’ll also send out a sponsor form…but please note you can also set up a ‘just giving fundraiser’ page via our page, and ask people to sponsor you there (we get gift aid money for the donations made via ‘just giving’). You can use a mixture of just giving and sponsor forms too, just whatever suits you. You can access our just giving page by clicking this link:
Please remember there is still a requirement for you to have £150+ in sponsor money to be allowed to abseil, as the £70 abseil fee is returned to you from the funds you raise. Also, if you register, then cannot attend on the day, your £70 is non-refundable, so please get someone to abseil in your place / absence.
The details of the abseil are available below:

Forth Rail Bridge Abseil

Dates: 19th May 2013 and 27th October 2013

Location: The Hawes Inn, South Queensferry

Description: 165ft free-fall (sas-style) abseil – Scotland’s biggest abseil from Scotland’s most iconic structure. Last year this event raised over £300,000 for the causes which took part.

Abseil Activity provider: Freespirits

Places available in blocks of: 5

Price per place: £70

Minimum sponsorship: Set at £150 per participant

If anyone has any more questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me at:  Trish@bosombudsofscotland.org

One thought on “*Forth Rail Bridge Abseil*

  1. I would like to do the Abseil again. Maybe I will do better 2nd time around! Do you send me sponsor forms

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